About Us

Welcome to the brainchild of two friends with a shared appreciation for all things Wardell Stephen Curry II. One crafted a prayer in his name, the other bought a Golden State Warriors T-shirt in 2013 to reserve a front-row seat on the bandwagon.

Omer Seman (Baruch ’17) is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Signal. He has devoted his life—or rather his eternal spirit—to the New York Mets. A ceaseless shroud of melancholy haunts Omer throughout the baseball season no matter their win-loss record. He awaits the Mets’ next World Series victory, for only then will the amalgamated demon of Yadier Molina-Adam Wainwright-Christian Colón-Wade Davis be exorcised from his soul. When he’s not weeping into his Mets snuggie, Omer can be found reading about equity markets and focusing on self-improvement.  

Craig Hernandez (Brooklyn ‘20) is the co-founder and Creative Director of The Signal. As Creative Director, he has spearheaded the Signal’s visual aesthetic, pushing boundaries with innovative directions such as “why not purple?”, “the header’s too small” and “really Omer, I think it should be purple.” Craig is lauded among his peers for his quick wit and for his inability to discern when such is neither appropriate nor necessary. When he’s not turned on by his own reflection, Craig can be found procrastinating on more important tasks than an About Us blurb.

Dylan Agyemang is a longtime colleague of the founders. He took particular interest in the art of incapacitating human beings unarmed by using a variety of strikes to the head, body and legs. Studying these methods through watching professional fighters eventually became an obsession. Dylan now feels the need to write about it because most of his friends would rather not listen to him complain and scream about a fight in which they have no interest.

This site is an outlet for our strongest passions when fire emojis are not enough. Why The Signal? It…sounds nice? Yeah, that’s about right.

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